The Venom Hulk Born But Carnage Bring The End Soon

The Venom Hulk Born But Carnage Bring The End Soon

The Venom Hulk finally awaken by killing Bruce Banner at the beginning of Absolute Carnage #3 and by the time Carnage’s rampage throughout the Absolute Carnage event flashing himself truly unstoppable. All things started as Carnage bring down hell on the world’s most powerful hero to collect the codices left inside host bodies as to awaken Knull (the symbiote god). On the other side Venom, Spider-Man, and Eddie Brock fighting hard to stop Carnage from gathering codices. Things have taken an incredible turn in Marvel’s Absolute Carnage event, with the Venom symbiote abandoning its longtime host Eddie Brock for a stronger hero and accidentally awakening the new Venom Hulk.

The most powerful and un-killable version of the symbiote hero, nothing can ever compare to seeing the Incredible Hulk himself transformed into a new kind of Venom. Soon Venom Hulk proved himself to be a strong opponent to the godlike dark Carnage by delivering a massive punch. By the end of Absolute Carnage #3, it seemed like he may have finally met his match when the Venom symbiote joined with the Immortal Hulk for an epic showdown with Carnage who is now infused with godlike powers.

Venom Hulk

But Absolute Carnage #4 going to prove that Venom Hulk has no match when crimson Carnage takes it seriously. As Venom’s former host Eddie Brook struggles to find a possible cure for this threat, the two monsters already started to smash each other to hold the crown of the highest position. The initial fight pointed out that both of them are evenly matched, bartering blows, punch, and taunts. While Carnage playing with his pray by taunting and Hulk replaying it with by continuous fist hammer. But it revealed very soon that Carnage tricking Venom Hulk or we can say that Carnage was actually playing with him till now because when he takes the matter seriously he will bring the end quickly.

Even before gaining the symbiote that enhanced his deadly edge, the serial killer was known for his depraved mind and his constant stream-of-consciousness prattling. Once the fused with the symbiote, all of Kasady’s worst murder fantasies started to come true, and the more powerful he gets, the more the world sees just how dark his mind can get. So, playing with victims is a natural behavior expression of Cletus Kasady’s Carnage.

Venom Hulk

To end the fight, Carnage drills many tendrils into the Venom Hulk’s skull and into the brain underneath. Carnage finds Bruce Banner’s opinion of himself as insane laughable compared to Kasady’s own insanity. After giving Banner a taste of what his insanity is like, he shuts off the scientist’s mind. Without his source to fuel, the Hulk reverts to an unconscious and powerless Bruce Banner as Carnage scratch the symbiote from his flesh for his own consumption.

With that, he drops Banner to the ground, absorbs the Venom symbiote for himself, and becomes more powerful than ever before flying off. With Eddie Brock giving himself his own power amp by combining the powers of several of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

It is quite a surprising moment for the fans more than Venom Hulk’s birth and a major showdown of Carnage’s grown dark power. Worlds one of the most power host – Hulk, more importantly, the Hulk’s body is so massive the Venom symbiote can’t actually cover it all at once. Instead, it gathers, shifts, and protrudes where needed, sliding over his skin to dissipate and collect where needed. And Carnage just ruined everything in a single flick. There is a question clicking everyone’s mind that is there anyone who can put an end to the absolute carnage.


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Source:- Marvel Comics

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