Steve Rogers Explained The Reason To Choose Falcon As Captain America

Steve Rogers Explained The Reason To Choose Falcon As Captain America

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Falcon is going to be the future Captain America after the heartwrenching end of Avengers; Endgame. Endgame leaves many questions behind for there fans as many things in MCU has changed after that. And one of the biggest question is why Steve Rogers choose Falcon as Captain America. Many of us thought about what will happen to Captain America after Avengers: Endgame war with Thanos.

Many thought he could die saving the day, but he instead got a happy ending as he went back in time to grow old with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). Though it was a great ending for the guy who has beat time for many years. But at the moment when Steve enters the Quantum Realm that moment, it felt like the world without Captain America.

But it doesn’t last for long in the real-time as the young Steve enter the Realm moments later old Steve appeared. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) was the first to notice Steve Rogers sitting on a nearby bench while all this happened during Smart Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) arguing with each other about what just happened wrong. Whereas Buck diverted Sam towards that old chap sitting on the bench who want to talk with him.

This proved to be an important moment in Sam’s life, as Steve gave him his own Captain America shield. While some have questioned why this decision was made (instead of giving the shield to Bucky), Steve actually explained why he made this choice moments before.

Captain America
Captain America

Right before Steve enters the Quantum Realm again, he has a peaceful talk with Bucky and Sam. Sam offers to go with Steve on this journey and Steve’s response as “You’re a good man Sam. This one’s on me though.” and there is the answer lying hidden for the fans what they are looking for Sam aka Falcon being a “good man” is exactly why Steve chose him to be the new Captain America.

 It may seem a bit normal at first but that’s the two words which made him a super-soldier many years ago. It is a callback to what Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) said to Steve in Captain America: The First Avenger when he asked why he was chosen to undergo the supersoldier experiment. Erskine said, “Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are, not a perfect soldier, but a good man.”

Steve Rogers is a good man even without his superpowers he was the one who will jump on grenades, who was always ready to sacrifice himself to save others and that makes him a good man which got caught by Abraham Erskine eyes and pushed him to be the man beyond time. While Captain America has always had super strength, super speed, and a variety of other enhanced abilities, the core of him as a character is his morality. Sam may not have actual superpowers like Steve – or Bucky, but he does have the same moral connections.

Sam has always been willing to fight with Steve no matter what because of their likemindedness. Whereas Bucky is not a “good man” in any way, but rather simply because Sam is better equipped to take on this role. Bucky still has Hydra codes potentially swirling in his subconscious and has a known history as an assassin, even though the MCU now views him as a hero. And also Bucky was well aware right after this “good man” conversation with Steve that what was going to happen, what Steve going to do. Steve already made up his mind by this time to appoint Sam as his predecessor, him once again offering his services results in this great moment and subtle explanation of his decision. So, it is quite possible that best friends already come up with this decision and agreed on Falcon be the future Super Soldier.

Now that Falcon is set to be Captain America in the MCU moving forward, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be the first chance to see him tested in this capacity. Some reports have indicated that Sam becoming Cap will not be a decision that is universally approved, so his good nature may be called into question early on. But, with everything that Sam has shown to this point and what Steve sees in him, hopefully, he’ll continue to be a good man as he wears the red, white, and blue. But a theory may also arise as the Universe is changing drastically many bads have changed to goods. So in the future, it can also happen that MCU needs a Captain America to be more than a “good man” because villains are getting stronger and villainous as per time. Maybe in the future, there may arise a need for more Captain America than just one.

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